Writing regularly..

Today’s post highlights the effort that goes into blogging on a regular basis. Now i know I’m an infant when it comes to all of this and have never kept any blogging efforts going longer than maybe a couple of months. I guess I never really found a thing that I was really into talking about and this is the key to it all. Many of the internet gurus proclaim that you should be passionate about and crush the things you are blogging about and to a certain extent I agree but one really has to go with the flow of what your trying to say. For me I have no idea where this is going to lead me as I started writing it more as life journal and also a self help manual to plan for a particular event. But the interesting thing to me is the organic growth of the blog just in this short time and the ideas that it has thrown up just by bashing out a post every week consistently. The last time I did any and I use the term loosely creative writing was back in school, where I was never any good at mastering the written word probably due to a very light form of dyslexia, although no one knew of it or called it such.

But one of the things uncovered in relocating the family home was a pile of old school books and looking back through them brought back many memories not least the “Lord Nelson”English project and some short stories that I had completely forgotten about. But the enthusiasm for the writing is obvious and I can see that the writing was purely there to get the ideas across. Fast forward to the current day and I feel that the same applies now as it did then. The enjoyment should come through the writing and not the other way round. Yes there will be times when the juices don’t flow and there is a dose of writers block but on the whole I think like any task in life if you keep consistently chipping away at it rewards will be forthcoming. Many talk of “drudging through the drudgery” and that’s how I see it went the hearts not in it or just time is running out to meet myself imposed deadline.

I aslo want to improve my writing skills as grammar and punctuation were always a foreign language to me and although the smart phone and computer can correct a lot of the basic errors it does not help with getting the right sentences out and can’t actually write it for you mores the shame though I have been experimenting with dictation on the phone and it is reasonably good but not to be trusted for more than a sentence at a time. This is more about improving a skill and in order to do that you need to do more of it!

Until next week where there will be some real world experience for obol and not just the written word..