My little corner.


img_0009Just the other day I realised it’s been almost a year since moving to this house and I still haven’t managed to sort out a space for organising onebag headquarters. How very remiss of me, tsk tsk it’s been a year, really?! Yes really.. So now is the time to get things moving to that minimal heaven, expect shots of arty desk, subdued lighting and trendy tech! Hmmm maybe not, anyway. It’s funny looking back over pictures from my work life over the years (which I was doing the other day whilst auditing my photos) to see how my desk life habits had changed over the course of time and even when I knew nothing about the minimal living movement I was seeing changes going on that subconsciously I was completely unaware of. Growing up and having a Dad who had been in the merchant navy I rebelled against his constant mantra of everything has a place and a place for everything, if that’s the correct saying, with a barrage of chaos and disorganisation. At what point do we assimilate our parents behaviours as I now find myself thinking and acting exactly as my Dad would have done and strangely I now find peace in the fact that I do know where things are and don’t have those gut wrenching moments when one can’t find the car keys or remember where the passport is as it all has its place. Maybe it’s some universal order to the universe, unseen but always constant but maybe that’s getting a bit to deep and analytical it’s just a desk space! But a tidy desk aids an organised mind, why did I fight it for so long. Anyway the point is I’m getting there.

So the next question is whether to buy or make. Obviously tootalling off to IKEA for a load of office furniture would be the easy way out but in my desire to hold on to the resources I have I am going to build what I need from as much free stuff as possible. Now this encompasses many methods of acquisition such as Freecycle, gumtree and my local scavenging friends and maybe a but of skip diving. On a side note one of the things I have wanted to do for a long time is learn how to weld and that would be very useful for making the desk frame and many other ideas I have in the back of my mind. Actually the whole make movement is fascinating to me but that’s a whole other topic. However this will extend out the time to complete my workspace for sure and in the desire to get things sorted and ticked off the list I may settle for a wooden frame to start off with. I have space in the garage once I have managed to re-stack and repack a lot of the stuff that came from the old house so that I can make a mess in there. Like just about all garages around here I have seen into, no one uses them for there original purpose, i.e. parking their cars in, that would be a photo project, to go round clicking the nations garages. First off then is to decorate the room and then plonk new home made furniture in and hey presto. The only thing. I need to buy is a chair and unfortunately I won’t be getting a Herman Millar chair like my last job, oh the comfort! but I hear the Amazon Essential Office Chair is ok for not a bank or back breaking price.

In keeping with the year of minimal I vowed that if I was to buy anything I would need to sell something to pay for it, that way not just adding to the mound of possessions that I am trying to rid myself from but to also make sure that I really needed the new thing and that it was not just a whim. The exception to the rule is Freecycle. This on the face of it seems like a unlimited supply of stuff if one is prepared to go and pick it up however I have managed to stop myself from rushing to get a compound mitre saw and a load of shelves already as they would either not be what I wanted really or replace something I already had, thus just adding to the pile of unnecessary. Again it is freeing not allowing the feeling of being compelled to get things just because they are there.

This post is to partly shame myself into some activity and a record of the state of this space at this time but also to document a home built workspace that doesn’t need to cost a load of cash to do and once finished I can restore order to my desktop once again! That includes getting rid of the rats nest of cabling and drives stacked up on the current setup.

Till next time..