Weekly webcomic wandering off.

Just a short post this week as I have been pondering this action for a bit now and am going to move the weekly webcomic off the blog as I don’t feel it really sits well here and is somewhat of a distraction to the content. I enjoy doing it and get a lot of enjoyment out of posting it, if nothing else it is a sort of diary for me to look back on. Obviously it’s no where near as comprehensive as a normal written one but none the less I still get a lot of memories triggered from seeing it without having to put a huge amount of detail in. Having recently unearthed a number of old letters from various family members and a diary of my grandmother I had been vaguely contemplating having a go at writing one for myself. But the reality is that I will never be able to keep my attention up enough to continue it so the best compromise is my weekly doodle. Besides who is going to want to read about my beans on toast in the twenty second century.

So I’ll now be scribbling over at Twitter

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