Creating a vacuum

Ok, so my first fail on the blog, it wasn’t if but it was when. Anyway I am not going to dwell on this as it is pointless to waste time on things that have pasted and I would rather get on looking to the future a more lightweight one. The purpose of this post was to try out some vacuum storage bags that I had seen on the internet. I thought it would be an ideal way of moving bulky clothing and bedding around rather than the intended purpose of storage of these kind of items. So what have I found from the tests carried out earlier. Firstly I made the mistake of thinking and buying the biggest ones I could find thinking that I would need as much space as possible. wrong! Well I really should have mapped out the measurements on the floor to see how big they really were and now I have a lifetime supply of vac storage bags, well I would If I was going to keep hold of them as with all things intentional I am not going to clutter or burden myself with unnecessary things so they are going to be redistributed to family members. The main reason for wanting to try these bags out was the transportation of duvets and pillows, in the past this was usually rammed into a bin liner and the stuffed into a remaining spot in the car as the door to another flat closed behind me. Then there was the time admittedly a long time ago before owning a car that I had to carry everything to my new abode in a rainstorm… yes soggy duvets a not conducive to a good nights sleep. All of this led me to think even in the preceding years that there must be a better method of transferring ones bed. At one point I did think of having a sleeping bag as form of bedding but that was ruled out due to cost constraints of cleaning and also its no where near as comfortable.

Back to the experiment this particular bag is very easy to use and has a lifetime warranty on it though I wonder if that could be sustainable. There is a zip lock and a valve and that’s it. Couldn’t be easier really, place stuff in bag slide binder over zip lock firmly and the start sucking air out. I tried to both methods of air extraction by using the supplied pump and also the vac method. The only slight issue I have with the bag is the hand pump and that it would take a considerable amount of time to remove enough air to compact the bag. Using a vacuum speeded up the process no end and at a guess would have been a couple of minutes as I didn’t time it exactly. I probably could have got some more out but I didn’t want to potentially break the vac as it started making an unusual noise.

I would say that the volume was around half its original value and with the additional pillow certainly was a lot more compact than I had expected and was also surprised at the weight with a fleeting memory of a physics teacher droning on about mass and volume. With a bit more judicious packing I could probably get all the bedding in one bag and this was my hope before getting the bags. One thing to note it is not recommended to use with Down duvets or quilts as the act of compression affects the performance of the filling but as mine are all synthetic no problems there.

So in wrapping this up.. hmm.. I am pease with the outcome and can save space in the onebag one bag experiment and I now am going to look into the requirements for smaller bags and purchase more wisely this time. Yes I guess to the true minimalists this will be grinding their gears but for me I have learnt a good lesson and hopefully helped someone else thinking about space saving methods.

Until next time..

Author: 1bag1life

I started this blog in order to document a journey into living life in a more compact but enjoyable way. Hope to show some of these other ways to live life without a ton of possessions. I don’t have all the answers at the moment so come and join me for the journey of my lifetime!

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