OneBagOneLife Webcomic #1

I started this idea of a webcomic off sometime ago in another place but it fizzled out when I felt I had nothing to say. So stumbling across an app called paper for my iPhone reignited the desire to continue. For a bit of background to the original version, I started it commuting home on a daily bus ride to pass away the time. Again I came across a website the showcased art done on a iPhone or iPad and this was in the days before the Apple Pencil so all of it was done by hand, well finger more precisely. I was blown away with the talent and dexterity of these pics and the germ of the idea to draw my diary came about.

It’s funny now looking back at how my doodling changed over the course of time as I got more adept. I was also help by the fact that the app I was using had layers, something I miss now as I seems that the general drawing apps moved to a model of offering only basic functionally with the option to upgrade to more usability but as I was on a limited budget I had to make do with what I had.

I tried lots of apps out in the beginning but settled on Sketchbook as I really liked the workflow of it. Somewhere down the line Autodesk took it over and stripped out a lot of the functionality to be able to go to a subscription model. This seems to be the way all software is going but that’s a whole different story. Fast forward to now and as I say I’m using Paper which I really like. There are some quirks like zoom needs to have more depth and layers would be good and finally a more coherent palette but these are just niggles.

So all that said I present to you a snapshot of life in the form of webcomic that I plan to do maybe once a week as it seems to take two to three hours to complete but I’ll see how I get on with it. Until the next one..

Author: 1bag1life

I started this blog in order to document a journey into living life in a more compact but enjoyable way. Hope to show some of these other ways to live life without a ton of possessions. I don’t have all the answers at the moment so come and join me for the journey of my lifetime!

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